The central feature of any successful organization is its ability to recruit, develop and retain well qualified members of staff who work as a team. We appoint only the most able of teachers and sports staff and actively promote their professional development to ensure that the young people in our case receive first class education.


1 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma PRINCIPAL M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.
2 Mrs. Seema Rani PGT(English) M.A.(English),B.Ed.
3 Mr. Himanshu Sekhawat PGT (Physics) M.Sc.(Physics),B.Ed.
4 Miss. Sarita PGT (Biology) M.sc.(Bio),B.Ed.
5 Himanshu Chauhan PGT (Math) M.Sc.(Math), B.Ed.
6 Miss. Puja Chauhan PGT (Chemistry) M.Sc.(Chemistry),B.Ed.
7 Mrs. Divya Kaushik PGT (Commerce) M.Com., B.Ed.
8 Mrs. Sarita Rajput PGT (Commerce) M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed.
9 Miss. Gunjan Rani PGT (Comp. Sc.) MCA, B.Ed.
10 Miss Taruna Rajput PGT (Home Sc.) M.A.(Home Sc.),B.Ed.
11 Mrs. Sunita Chauhan PGT (Sociology) M.A.(Soci.),B.Ed.
12 Mrs. Vimla Sharma PGT (Geo.) M.A.(Geo.), B.Ed.
13 Dr. Himanshu Chauhan PGT (History) M.A.(History),B.Ed.
14 Mr. Amit Kumar Physical Edu M.P.Ed.


1 Vikas Chauhan TGT M.Sc., M.Ed.
2 Shikha Agarwal TGT M.Sc.,B.Ed.
3 Sunita Chauhan TGT M.A., B.Ed.
4 Himanshu Chauhan TGT M.A.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.
5 Himanshu Sekhawat TGT M.Sc.(Phy.)
6 Sarita Rani TGT M.Sc.(Micro Bio)
7 Gunjan Rani TGT MCA, B.Ed.
8 Aditi Rajput PRT B.Sc., B.Ed.
9 Kumud Rani PRT M.Sc.,B.Ed.
10 Mrs. Seema Rani TGT M.A.(Eng.),B.Ed.
11 Himanshu Chauhan TGT M.Sc., B.Ed.
12 Rekha Rajput PRT M.A.,B.Ed.
13 Nidhi Bisnoi Librarian M.A.(Eng.),B.Lib
14 Ekta Samadhya PRT M.A., M.Ed.
15 Ram Niwas Singh PTI M.P.Ed.
16 Mrs. Rajbala PRT M.A.,B.Ed.


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