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Shri Narendra Kumar Gupta ( President )


Early childhood is a time of tender awaking of the capacity of reasoning which needs to be nurtured in an atmosphere thats allow the child to go on a voyage of self discovery and explore his/her space within. Considering the urgent need of quality education to train the young minds for fulfilling the present requirements and expectations of the scientific and technical world. It was my dream and desire of an educational institution which may nurture talented students with in their financial sources.

P.D.M. Convent School (Affiliated to CBSE) is a comprehensive school which thrives to establish a tradition of excellence in the community. The school has a target not only to educate the student’s realities of today’s and future business, but also to infuse human values, confidence and vision in them. It is my first belief that “every child is unique and gifted and has a potential to rise to limitless heights.” But child needs an environment to rise and our PDM convent school will provide the environment to the students under the guidance and teaching of well qualified trained and experienced teachers.

My best wishes to the staff and students of P.D.M. Convent School.

Dr. R.K. Sharma ( Principal )

Dear Parents,

It is indeed said that school is a place where all children grow not just in size not even in knowledge but in curiosity, confidence, independence, resilience, patience, competence and understanding. The purpose of the education is not only teaching the text book to the young children but it is a lot more than that. Education means discovering and sublimating their hidden talents. Education demands making them think positively and behave responsively.

Education Aim’s at producing not only good students but also ‘able adults’. So that they may be successfully face the world ahead. Education is for producing notable personalities in various fields like : sports, music, painting, literature etc. You have done a lot for your children give them the best of everything. ‘Now give them the best school too’.

Dear parents, P.D.M. is a perfect all round development platform for students. We at P.D.M. Convent School understand you, your ambitions and your limitations, we are your partners in educating the children in a proper way.

My teachers are well qualified, disciplined, curious, obedient and never hesitating to take active part in all school activities yet ever humbly willing to learn.

I wish all the best to all Parents & Guardians.


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